Why Persona?

Soft Skills, also known as 'Life Skills' or Behavioral Skills such as communication and interpersonal skills, Emotional quotient, Spiritual quotient etc are pivotal for the success of an individual. From organizations standpoint, they have realized that like hard skills (domain knowledge), soft skills are an indispensable requirement for their growth.

Persona 360 is a professional body that was incepted early 2010 with the view of meeting the growing need of soft skills development . We have a team of dedicated and motivated professionals who keep reinventing and upgrading themselves as per the latest training trends. Persona in its short journey till date has already left its mark on several individuals by its unique proactive programs.


Persona 360 through its tailor made programs, establishes a unique bond between an individual and the organization by perfect integration of ideas and values of both. The training modules are conceptualized catering the need of an organization . The training pedagogy is very informal and interactive so that the trainees can imbibe the learning's and make them an inherent part of their being. The training tools include presentations, story telling, role plays, psychometric tests, audio and video clips, managements games and activities, quizzes and other interactive activities to keep the session informative yet interesting.


Persona conducts several customized grooming programs that equips an individual with the desired skills to competently and positively meet the challenges of the personal and professional life.

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